Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the recurring questions put forward by prospective investors over time as they aspire to achieve financial independence.

Some of the most frequently asked questions

When did Novacrest Capital start?

Novacrest Capital has been a private project since Summer 2016, and entered Test phase with invited participants at the end of November 2019. Since then, we lowered the minimum entry Plan Fee and opened the program to the public following the introduction of new team members.

What profit can be expected?

Novacrest Capital pays out a minimum of 90% of the generated revenue to its members. That means we take maximum of 10% of the monthly profits as we assess the risks and rewards of new projects. We strive for a long term relationship with our participants. We aim for a consistent profit of 16-64% per month, but safety of the network and integrity of the servers is our first priority.

How do i know that this is real?

We have Tested our system for quite a while. Feel free to start off and get paid regularly – on time… every time! We are not trying to be a get-rich-quick scheme. Rather, we are a community of Forex, Stocks and Crypto enthusiasts looking to grow together. Become part of the awesome journey.

Why should i trust you?

We are transparent and committed, we do what we preach and we dedicate ourselves fully to this project. We have already shown that we are creative and willing to expand the project acquiring side-projects and even cryptocurrencies and exchanges to strengthen the network and leverage our projects together for more stable and even higher profit. In time you will see, we have come to stay.

Risk and Contingencies?

We strive for optimal security and trustworthiness and handle your servers alongside our own ones with the same level of security. But attacks can happen and hackers are always trying to intrude in weak points. We are well equipped to withstand such threats but the danger is there and should be communicated accordingly. Don’t panic, Novacrest Capital is highly secured!

Do you offer affiliation service?

Since starting the public program, an Affiliation program to reward our members has been a feature. After registering with you will get a Referral/Affiliate Link that pays you 5% of whatever your referrals deposit …and not just for initial deposits – it includes subsequent deposits, too! This is an excellent opportunity to quickly grow your funds inside Novacrest Capital as well as being an easy way to earn start-up funding if you are low on assets!

What fees are charged?

We only take a maximum of 10% of generated profits to cover the 24/7 monitoring, operation of the servers, assumption of liability for the stakes, and to provide us with some reward for our activities. We consider this to be very fair since other providers take 20% or more.

How can i deposit money?

The account manager will communicate with you about your preferred payment options. The global payment option of the crypto currency, tether coin, is preferred.

What are the limits for deposits?

By default, the minimum deposit is $1000 and the maximum is currently $10,000,000 but larger amounts are possible after direct consultation. Remember: this is a Hedge Fund program professionally offering trading services to our Investor

How do I withdraw funds?

Withdrawals can be initiated from the secure member area. Each withdrawal request must be made on Thursdays and Fridays. Funds will be paid out to you on weekends. The minimum withdrawal is $50.