Direct Fund Investing.

Tap into the power of investing directly in specific private equity funds. Diversify your portfolio, decrease market correlation, reduce volatility and look for higher risk-adjusted returns.

why Direct?


Historically, private equity fund investments were out of reach for everyone except for institutional investors, family offices and the ultra-wealthy. Novacrest Capital levelled the playing fie


Benefit from what so many institutional investors already know: private markets lead to better returns. Funds like the ones we offer onNovacrest Capital have generated an average IRR of 19 percent since 2008 — outperforming the S&P 500 by 13 percent.

Growing asset class

The private capital industry grew to $10 trillion last year — and is projected to grow to $18 trillion by 2026. When investors tap into private equity, they gain access to a rapidly-growing asset class that reaches beyond the public markets.

Our Pricing Strategy

Our Plans and Pricing are built around various assets selection and inclusion. Each Plan is a portfolio. The assets contained are selected with the budget in consideration. We have applied very strong technical and fundamental analysis in selecting the assets in the portfolios and balancing them against moderate risk exposures. The Pricing matches the ideal expected return on an investment withing the stipulated budget

Our Plans and Pricing are very adjustable and flexible. We have deployed a lot of parameters in determining the best ways to create portfolios for every class and category of individuals and institutions, such that every investor in our clientele feels very comfortable with the investment plans they choose. And even when the plans don’t exactly fit, we have advisors ready to fill you in and guide your decision.

Pricing Information

Category:                         Portfolio

Status:                              Open

Cycle:                                Flexible/Fixed

ROI:                                    Variable

Availability:                       Registered Accounts 

our direct investment pricing

Our past funds. Your

glimpse into the future.

Novacrest members pick from our carefully-curated selection of top-tier funds. Each opportunity is methodically vetted by our investment team, which boasts over a century of experience in the private equity industry. Below is a sample of some of our recently-closed funds. Sign up to see what we’re currently offering.


Novacrest Capital Feeder A40 - KKR North America Fund XIII

investors                                      110

Novacrest committment   $23m

Target fund Size                   $10bn

Average Ticket Size            $180.00

Novacrest Capital Feeder A42 - Permira8

investors                                     202

Novacrest committment    €46m

Target fund Size                      $12bn

Average Ticket Size             $200.00