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is everything.

Only top-quartile funds consistently outperform public indexes. Identifying and accessing those top managers, therefore, is critical to your success.

As trusted industry insiders, we work to source these sought-after funds and make them available to individuals and family offices.

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Our diligent investment team is committed and focused

The Novacrest Investment Committee meticulously selects a diverse range of premier private equity funds managed by top-tier professionals.

Leveraging our exclusive due-diligence framework, our in-house team, with almost two centuries of combined private equity expertise, identifies the most promising funds with precision.

Elliot Schmidt

Former Senior Partner at Greenshare


Head of Co-Investment at Glendower CapitalFormer

Head of Private Equity Investing at Union Bancaire Privéee


Marcus Chen

Former  Director, Citigroup Global Markets


Fomer Senior Investment Banker PMorgan Chase & Co.

Former Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions, Goldman Sachs 

Michael Ramirez

Former Senior Wealth Manager, UBS Group


Former Head of Corporate Finance, Barclays Investment Bank 

Former Manager Citigroup Global Markets 

David Anderson

Former Chief Risk Officer at UBP


Former Head of Asset Management, Deutsche Bank 

Former Senior Portfolio Manager, HSBC Private Banking 


Over 95 carefully curated funds from top-tier managers.

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Novacrest Capital prioritizes robust security measures to safeguard both your assets and personal information. This encompasses a comprehensive set of digital and procedural safeguards, a few of which are outlined below.

Data encryption

We safeguard your accounts and personal information using proven, industry-standard 'at-rest' and 'in-transit' encryption.

DDoS and web application security

Novacrest Capital uses industry-leading firewalls to defend against intrusions and our security team constantly monitors emerging threats and responds immediately.

Backups and recovery

Our systems are continuously backed up across multiple sites to retain recovery capabilities in case of disasters or disruption.


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